Synthesis as Remix.

Remix as (re)design

Synthesis as Search?

Synthesis as Remix?

Broaden this understanding of literacy and literacy teaching and learning to include negotiating a multiplicity of discourses.

New London Group

Semiotic activity as a creative application and combination of conventions that, in the process of Design, transforms at the same time it reproduces these conventions

New London Group

Synthesis=Design=Unique product of human agency: a transformed meaning

Exploring how identities are shaped

During #walkymyworld I explored taking two different scholarly articles and remixing them into new academic works.

The act of curation is the act of re(Designing) Knowledge. How I sorted images provided a deductive lens of analysis

Remix Through Participation


What did we learn?

More Content Consumption. Less Content Creation

Think about Networks

(re)Design Meaning by (re)Designing tools


Remix Your Own